Carlo Debernardi

I'm Carlo Debernardi, a PhD student in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies (NASP) at the University of Milan. I got my MA in Logic, Philosophy and History of Science at Florence University (dissertation about history of cellular automata) and a BA in Philosophy at Turin University (dissertation about peer-review in research assessment and it's limits).

I'm also working with Eleonora Priori and Marco Viola on a project about academic recruitment. We presented a first draft at the 15th conference of the Italian Association for Cognitive Science (proceedings available here) and some of our results at the seminar Science & More Talks. This work resulted in a forthcoming publication on Sistemi Intelligenti (preprint here). Our work is also part of the DR2 project, where I am affiliate member.

My main interests are sociology of science, bibliometrics, generative social sciences, agent-based modeling, network analysis and social epistemology.

You can email me at or find me on ResearchGate.