I’m a PhD student in Sociology in a cotutelle agreement between the University of Milan, Italy (NASP programme) and the University of Agder, Norway. I have a background in philosophy of science and my main research interest right now is the choice of research topics and the factors – social, institutional, etc. – affecting it.

I’m very interested in the opportunities offered by the approaches of Computational Social Sciences and Digital Humanities. Right now I’m working with tecniques borrowed from Natural Language Processing (like Topic Modeling), Network Analysis and Agent-Based Modeling.

I got my MA in Logic, Philosophy and History of Science at the University of Florence with a dissertation about the history of cellular automata and a BA in Philosophy at the University of Turin with a dissertation about peer-review in research assessment and it’s limits.


  • An agent-based model on italian academic recruitment and epistemic pluralism:

Debernardi, C., Priori, E., & Viola, M. (2020). Reclutamento accademico: come tutelare il pluralismo epistemico? Un modello di simulazione ad agenti. Sistemi Intelligenti. https://doi.org/10.1422/97367 - Preprint